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Classes in ThetaHealing®

Illuminate Your Soul
Registration for seminars is on www.thetahealing.com under Kathryn Jans, Please contact me if you need assistance in registering.

If you would like a seminar that is not listed in the drop down menu, or a different time for a seminar, please contact me by phone or email.

If you would like to host one of the listed seminars please contact me.

These ThetaHealing® Technique seminars will change your life and give you the tools to release life-limiting beliefs. You will learn how to release patterns that aren’t serving you and to let go of old emotional pain and genetic memories that are holding you back from being your authentic self and reaching your full potential.

When you are in a seminar, know that you will be among people of like minds, friends and soul family.



“Together we will open the doors to your authentic self and empower you to take those next steps on your life’s path.”
– Kathryn Jans
“Kathryn’s ThetaHealing courses have enhanced my life in the most amazing way. These courses have allowed me to tap back into to my intuition and re-discover the healer inside of me. Kathryn teaches in a way that is extremely accessible and enjoyable. I found that I wanted to keep learning more as each day of classes would come to an end. She takes her students through a journey of self-discovery while providing a safe and supportive space for them to grow.” I am thrilled to be be able to use the ThetaHealing tools I’ve learned from Kathryn to enhance my life as well as my friends, family and patients in my Naturopathic medicine practice.”
Elisha Bokman ND, LAc

Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

After the completion of each seminar you will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Practitioner and a listing on the official ThetaHealing® website for the course you have completed. www.ThetaHealing.com

All deposits are non-refundable with the exception that a seminar is cancelled by Kathryn Jans.
If you are unable to attend a seminar, you may use the deposit toward a future seminar.

Contact Kathryn about scholarship availability.